Morphic - The Squeak User Interface

by Juan Manuel Vuletich
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Pluggable Views in Morphic (Pluggable Morphs)

Some morphs were created to allow the old MVC browsers and inspectors work in a Morphic world. This was done replacing MVC pluggable views with these new pluggable morphs. What this means, is that for this style, it is not necessary to create new Morph classes. The style is similar to the old MVC Pluggable Views. This was a great way to have the necessary tools to do further development, but in my opinion, it is only worth using this style if MVC compatibility is required. Classic Morphic gives much you more flexibility and allows better designs.

The Pluggable Morph classes are: PluggableButtonMorph, PluggableListMorph, PluggableListMorphByItem, PluggableListMorphOfMany, PluggableMessageCategoryListMorph, PluggableTextMorph, PluggableTextMorphWithModel. To see how they are used, you can check the class Browser and its hierarchy. These browsers work both in MVC and in Morphic, and choose between PluggableViews and PlugabbleMorphs.