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I love Smalltalk, and specially Squeak. Here you can find Smalltalk stuff I want to share. All this is free for any use, without any obligation on you or warranty from me. The only I ask is to give credit to me in the way you find appropiate.

Squeak is powerful, portable and open source Smalltalk. It's being developed now by the same people who invented Object Oriented Programming and the Smalltalk environment in the 70's. Read more at the Squeak Home.

Introduction to Morphic

Morphic is Squeak's new User Interface. I wrote this Morphic Intoductory Article that includes a description, some historic background and the programming styles it supports. (I wrote it on 4/2000. Please note that Squeak is constantly changing.)


PhotoSqueak is my Image Processing project in Squeak. It started as a course project, and the name "PhotoSqueak" was suggested by Bijan Parsia. (Thanks Bijan!)

PhotoSqueak 1.0

This is the lab project of the Image Processing course I took at the University of Buenos Aires during the 1st semester of 2000. Some noteworthy aspects include:

Later, I enhanced it, resulting in PhotoSqueak 2.0. But this description is quite complete, and includes several screenshots, so you can see what it can do. You can also download this version if you wish.

PhotoSqueak 2.0

This is the lab project of the second Image Processing course I took at the University of Buenos Aires during the 1st semester of 2001. It includes a lot of new algorithms, and an better UI. Anyway, it's still far from a final user application.
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Squeak port for OS/2

Being completely portable, people of it's user community have ported it to most existing platforms. I did and mantain the Squeak OS/2 port.


In a course on Software Engineering at the University I had to do a networked Scrabble Game. It is client/server, Internet based, and the GUI is Morphic.

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