PhotoSqueak 2.0

by Juan Manuel Vuletich
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About PhotoSqueak 2.0

PhotoSqueak2 includes all the stuff I did for my second course on Image Processing at the University, some years ago. It includes everything in PhotoSqueak 1 and many new and more advaced stuff.

You can take a look at the PhotoSqueak 1 gallery and the PhotoSqueak 2 gallery, to have an idea of what is this about.

I didn't write any documentation (yet) for PhotoSqueak 2. But if you like and understand PhotoSqueak 1, I guess you can try it. If you need help, you can email me. Good luck!

Download (22 Mb) A full package, that includes everything you need to run PhotoSqueak 2 on Windows. Based on Squeak 2.7. Just unzip and run Squeak.exe. If you are not using Windows, replace Squeak.exe with the appropiate Virtual Machine for your platform, and erase all the dlls. It includes a bunch of projects with examples of what you can do. (11 Mb) A version without samples. Smaller download.