Morphic - The Squeak User Interface

by Juan Manuel Vuletich

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Squeak Morphic programming styles

Partly because of its history, and partly of its actual evolution, Morphic supports several quite different programming styles. These are:

Classic Morphic Programming

Pluggable Views in Morphic


User Scripting

In the Classic and in Pluggable Views, programming is done in the usual Smalltalk way: entering code in a Browser. But both Fabrik and User Scripting don't require code. Their final objetive is programming by non-programmers. However, they are still in development. Let's see what Squeak Central says about them. From "Scripting and End-user Access", we read:

"Squeak Version 2 includes sketches of two entire end-user programming paradigms, integrated with the morphic environment.
One is a wiring metaphor inspired by Fabrik, which allows simple component assembly to be performed the way you put a stereo system together. The implementation is just a toy (no real dataflow model or encapsulation yet) but you may enjoy the demonstration in Play With Me - 6.

The other is a tile-based interface that offers viewers and scriptors as iconic and active counterparts to Squeak's textual and more passive inspectors and browsers. It has been taken fairly far in a number of directions, as you may discover by following the introductory tour: Programming in Morphic."