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June 2010

Morphic 3 samples

Morphic 3 is a research and development project aimed at building the next standard in 2D user interfaces. It will be fully zoomeable, and will do mathematically proved alias-free rendering. In order to achieve these objectives, several techniques and design features are described. Some of them are new and others are not, but have never been consistently applied to a 2D GUI.

All you ever heard about graphics anti-aliasing is wrong! Now that I got your attention, what I really mean is that the rendering software and algorithms that are usually presented as state of the art, in fact are not. This includes many textbooks. I'm talking about the usual Pixel Coverage technique, and the more expensive but sometimes better looking Supersampling technique.

The sampling theorem is about 80 years old. It is the base (together with Fourier analysis) of most of the DSP (Digital Signal Processing) field. It is therefore the basis of digital audio and photography. However, existing graphics software completely ignore the theory. My quest for higher quality resulted in the idea of applying the Sampling theory for all rendering. This allows for mathematically proved alias free rendering.

In fact, I developed new drawing algorithms that give better results than those in Cairo, AGG, etc.

New! See it in action here.

The project description is here.

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