These are my research activities and publications

I wrote a short introduction to my transform and the issues it addresses.

This is the full text for my thesis (in Spanish). Here are some samples of my transform described there (sounds and images). This and this are experiments on sound separation. This is the presentation (in Spanish) I used for my dissertation, and the notes on the samples.

 I’m researcher at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Buenos Aires. I’m doing further work along the lines of my thesis and publications.

This is a presentation in English for the "Harmonic Analysis and Applications" conference at Merlo, 2006.

This is my short paper at the "Wavelets X" conference at San Diego, 2003 (organized by SPIE), and the extended abstract.

This is apresentation for the "XIII Reunión de Trabajo en Procesamiento de la Información y Control" conference at Rosario, 2009.

I'm currently working on a new transform that doesn't require extra memory and doesn't have limitations on signal length.

I helped organize and I'm member of the Buena Señal group, a place for talking about digital signal processing in Spanish.

I've been reviewer of Héctor Bellmann's fine thesis: "Toward a scientific taxonomy of musical styles" at Queensland University of Technology.

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